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How to start with Instagram Shopping

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Instagram for shopping

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How to start with Instagram Shopping

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Since 2017, Instagram Shopping offers brands and businesses Ecommerce solutions to make posts and stories “Shoppable”. This is a great opportunity for brands, businesses & retailers to convert their likes into purchases.

Indeed, Instagram is a powerful tool to promote businesses:  Facebook Ads manager enables you to easily target your audience. Therefore, we easily understand why Instagram generated 20B in Ad revenue in 2019.

Should you sell on Instagram?

What is Instagram Shopping?

How to start steps by steps your Instagram Shop?

These questions will be answered below in this article.

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There are many reasons why you should sell your product on Instagram. 

A powerful tool to promote your product:

Instagram turns 10 years in 2020, first used by pictures aficionados, Instagram became over the years a mainstream phenomenon with more than a 1.0B monthly active users. 

Engage your audience

The opportunities of Instagram Shopping are huge: More than 70% of shopping enthusiasts use Instagram for product discovery.

As a results, more than 130 millions users click on a shopping post at least once per month. 

Sell on Instagram seems an obvious choice for any retailers and E-commerce store owner.

instagram for shopping

As a result, Instagram rapidly became over the years a powerful tool for companies to target the right audience thanks to Facebook Ads Manager.

A frictionless user experience


Moreover, Instagram shopping offers e-commerce solutions for brands to convert “Likes” into “Buy” on top of a seamless customer Experience since 2017. Instagram has your back, from product discovery to purchase, 

“This is the biggest step that we’ve taken yet in [e-commerce] ” Mark Zuckerberg said during a livestreamed conference on Facebook, 19 May 2020   

In a nutshell, sell on Instagram seems an obvious choice for any retailers and E-commerce store owner. 


What is the Instagram Shopping feature?

Instagram Shopping offers the great opportunity to integrate your product catalog with your Instagram Business profile. 

In other words, Instagram users will be able to buy products directly from Stories, Posts and on your IG profile.

See below Nike’s example:

You can easily access to their catalog through Nike Instagram profile.

Instagram Shopping

Good news: you can also tag up to 5 products in your posts and stories.

Therefore, your audience will be able to shop directly from your content.

The photo below shows you how product information and links are integrated in a post. 

Note the bag icon that indicates it is a shoppable product.


Guess what? You can tag your Instagram stories as easily as your posts.

Gap’s Story is a good example to show:  

Vendre sur Instagram

The page product gives you many information about the product:

  • Product Name
  • Price
  • Related products
  • A link to view the product on the company website.

Please note that Instagram shopping is not available everywhere yet.

 Also, functionalities may differ from country to country. 

Instagram Shopping availability

First, your instagram account need to be set on an available market in order to tag products and sell through Instagram. Click here to see where Instagram Shopping is available.

Then, your account must meet Facebook/ Instagram Shopping requirements:

– Comply with Facebook policies

– Represent your business and your domain

– Be located in a supported market

– Demonstrate trustworthiness

– Provide accurate information and follow best practices

Last but not the least,  your Instagram business account will be reviewed by the IG team and hopefully approved for Instagram Shopping,  

How to setup Instagram Shopping?

Before setting up your Instagram Shop you have to create a product catalog. 

Don’t worry: it is quite easy. Let’s just follow the steps!


How to create a Facebook catalog using Catalog Manager?

In order to create your Facebook catalog, you will need:

Now You are ready to create your catalog. This is a quite easy operation and soon you will be ready to start with your Instagram Shopping feature:

1. Go to catalog Manager 

Click here to access the catalog manager.

2. Click on create catalog

3. Select your Inventory Type

*Note that if you want to use product tags and stickers, you will have to select Ecommerce.

4. Add Items to your catalog

   If you select Ecommerce you will have 2 options to add items to your catalog:

  • If you host your products on an Ecommerce platform such as Shopify, WooCommerce, BigCommerce, Magento, Open Cart and you want to import directly your items to Facebook Catalog Manager select Connect Ecommerce Platform.
  • To add items yourself, select Upload Product Info. Then you will see it is easy to add manually new items on your catalog. You will have to download a picture of your product, give it a name, a description, a link to your website and price. This is the screen you will see when you add manually items on your Instagram Shopping.
How to sell on Instagram without a website

5. Submit your account for Instagram Shopping

So everything is set up, your account and catalog are connected, now you need to signup for Shopping on Instagram.

Go to Instagram app—-Profile settings—–Business—-Tap Instagram Shopping. Follow the steps and submit your account for review. It may take a few day for your account to be reviewed and approved.

How to sell on Instagram without website

6. Turn on Instagram shopping on Instagram app

 It seems obvious but don’t forget to do it. Go to Profile settings, you will see a new Shopping option available. Tap on it to turn on Instagram Shopping option  

Create your first shoppable post with Instagram Shopping

   This is the nice part of the process. You are now ready to create your first post and it is quite similar to tagging someone on a regular post.

  • Create a new post (or select an existing one). 
  • Tap on the image on the product you would like to tag 
  • Enter the names of the products you want to tag (up to 5), then select among the suggestions
  • Click Done
  • Select Share

Sell with Instagram Shopping stories

Stories are definitely a great way to engage your audience. Good news is, you are now able to tag your stories thanks to Instagram shopping feature The process is quite similar to tagging a post.

  • Upload your story
  • Tap the icon on the top-right corner 
  • Click Product
  • Select the item from your catalog

Some tips to start with Instagram Shopping

  • You can tag product on existing post
  • You are allowed to tag up to 5 products on a post
  • With carousel you can tag up to 20 products
  • Everytime you tag a post, the post will appear in its dedicated shopping feed in your profile (once you have at least 9 posts).
  • Customize your product sticker to fit with your post colors
  • Drag your product sticker where it is best suited to preserve picture quality and user experience.
  • Track your performance with Instagram Insights
  • Make sure you send the user to the right URL after clicking on the product

Instagram Shopping success stories

Here are some feedback of  happy professionals using Instagram Shopping. Those brands have totally integrated Instagram Shopping in their Marketing Plan/ Ecommerce strategies.



“Since we started to use the feature, our sales from Instagram have increased by 42% and traffic to our website from Instagram is up to 98%”

Laura Dover, Global Digital Communication Manager at Barbour   


“We believe Instagram is integral to how our audience is inspired to shop. We’re seeing a strong lift in sales conversions whenever we use shopping on Instagram, since tapping to learn about our products has become the norm”

Elisa Kosonen, Senior Manager, Social Media at Aritzia

A glimpse in the future of Instagram Shopping

Instagram regularly test new features in countries. Let’s have a quick look into the future.

New AR filter to use with Instagram Shopping

In order to improve User experience, Instagram has recently integrated Spark AR. The idea behind this is to let users virtually try product and hopefully buy it after they are convinced by how the product will look on them. This feature was available at first for cosmetics but Instagram plans to make it available for more products. 

Moreover, Facebook also owns Oculus, we can easily imagine an even more immersive virtual shopping experience through Oculus product and VR. 

Instagram for shopping

image Instagram

A brand new Checkout option is being tested

 Instagram introduced Checkout on Instagram on March 2019. In other words, when you find a product you love on Instagram Shopping, you can buy it directly without leaving the app. Soon, you will not need to visit  the merchant website to finalize your transaction.

Instagram for shopping checkout feature

image Instagram

This will offer a frictionless experience for the customer, and a powerful tool for conversion.

In addition, user payment informations will be securely saved after the first transaction, , making the next purchase an even better experience.

However, the Checkout on Instagram feature is still in beta test with different major companies such as H&M, Zara, Dior… 

Of course, we can imagine it will be soon available for every companies offering an Instagram Shopping experience.

In conclusion, Instagram offers a huge user base, high engagement tools to promote your content to the right audience. Now with a powerful Ecommerce platform, Instagram will not only capture your attention but your wallet as well.

This is definitely an opportunity not to be missed for any business willing to grow. 

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Kendra Leone

Kendra Leone

Kendra Leone is a staff writer for MTL+Ecommerce, covering Montreal and Quebec News. Kenda loves to stand out in a crowd. Her hair is never the same color and she loves her feminine, yet punk style. Kenda is passionate about art, feminism, culture and cinema. She studied anthropology and journalism before turning her attention to Ecommerce and Digital Marketing.
Kendra Leone

Kendra Leone

Kendra Leone is a staff writer for MTL+Ecommerce, covering Montreal and Quebec News. Kenda loves to stand out in a crowd. Her hair is never the same color and she loves her feminine, yet punk style. Kenda is passionate about art, feminism, culture and cinema. She studied anthropology and journalism before turning her attention to Ecommerce and Digital Marketing.

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