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AB testing examples: Proven strategies to skyrocket conversions & Improve UX

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AB test

How to use A/B testing to offer the ultimate User experience and boost conversion?

Ab testing examples: Shopify and Reitmans use A/B testing, checkout optimization & UX to boost their sales : Learn how to increase your conversions with A/B testing. Here is what we have learned during the MTL+ECOMMERCE #60 Edition

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For its #60 Edition (the last one of the summer) MTL+ECommerce was thrilled to receive two fantastic guest speakers: Corinne Lalonde, User Experience Manager at Reitmans and Richard Btaiche senior product Manager at Shopify. Both speakers showed us how important UX is for conversion. They also explain in depth the best practices in A/B testing. 

Richard Btaiche has created and sold two startups within the competitive restaurant industry. He always kept this in mind:  Optimizing the reservation process and make it easier.

Now a senior product manager at Shopify, Btaiche is focused on eliminating friction in the checkout process for Shopify online stores. He is sharing a few ab testing examples to significantly improve  frictionless checkout and increase conversions.

"Why should checkout exist?"

A/B tests have shown how Checkout is a crucial moment during the consumer journey. Indeed, you can easily lose customers during this process.  It is even more true on mobile devices (which bring 79% traffic of merchant’s online stores).

Many reasons can explain why the customer leaves during the checkout process:

messages from friends, notifications from other applications, overtime loading pages, bad mobile internet connection. In addition, many customers feel more confident to finalize their purchase on a computer.

$340B worth of abandoned cart in US and Europe in 2018

user experience

Frictions in the checkout process lead to a stunning $340B worth of abandoned cart in US and Europe in 2018.

Therefore, Richard and Shopify brought this simple question “Why should checkout exist?”. Clearly, Btaiche stated that his main goal is to eliminate checkout of the online shopping. Shopify pay has been created for this purpose. Moreover, it is already used by more than 30 million online stores. 


Ab testing examples: A better UX with SHOPIFY PAY and Dynamic Checkout button

checkout button paypal

The concept is simple: Indeed, it consists in saving customer payment and shipping information. This way, Richard explains: “when a customer returns to a store that offers an accelerated checkout process, its information will be automatically filled in at checkout.

Moreover, to make the process even more frictionless, dynamic checkout buttons allow customers to go directly to the checkout step from the product page skipping the cart step. The dynamic button works with Shopify PayApple PayGoogle Pay, and Paypal.

Also, only the right payment method will be displayed according to the customer and information he has already filled in. As a result, accelerated checkout is 5 times faster than classic checkout. Also, It doesn’t compromise the user experience UX by giving an endless payment solution.

As a result, with this frictionless checkout system, Richard and his team have increased sales on Shopify stores by 18%.

$4.9B in GMV (Gross Merchandise Volume) thanks to Shopify Payment

Shopify Pay and dynamic checkout is widely adopted by online shoppers. For the first Quarter of 2019, Shopify processed $4.9B in GMV (Gross Merchandise Volume) through Shopify Payment

A/B tests reveal different perceptions about the Checkout process

Btaiche said his team used thoroughly A/B Testing to implement new changes in the checkout process.

For instance, it was interesting to realize that perceptions about payment process differ according to the country it is used. North America is willing to use frictionless checkout system: the longer the process is, the more you lose customers along the way. In Europe, Richard Btaiche mentionned Germany ‘s example: There, people feel more confident in a step by step checkout process.

Corinne Lalonde was the second guest speaker of the evening. She insisted on how important A/B testing is. Lalonde claimed that running A/B tests has led her to increase UX and sales on Reitmann’s shopping website.

How to implement A/B testing in your company to improve conversions.

Corinne Lalonde is a UX specialist and a UX manager at Reitmans.  She is in charge of always improving customer experience. Corinne explained precisely how to introduce changes using A/B testing.

SET your Objectives

First, it starts with establishing high-level objectives such as:

  •  increase conversion rate
  •  Boost AOV (Average Order Value)
  • Optimize email sign up…

Identify potential problems

Second, you have to find all potential problems you will meet along the way:  for example, if your goal is to increase conversion rate, a potential problem could be during the checkout process or the product detail page experience.

Find the UX solution to eliminate those problems

At this stage, you will define a UX solution to eliminate those precise problems. These will become the parameters you will test while running an A/B test.

For Example:

Problem: People don’t click on the checkout button.

Solution: “Changing the button color to a flashy color will increase checkout clicks”.

Identify and mobilize your resources

A/B testing implies working with different departments of your company:

  • a strategist
  • a project manager (to coordinate tests and ensure iteration)
  • a UX & UI designer + a Marketing team (for the design of your solution)
  • A technical team of front-end developer (to test the design or content)
  • Back-end developer to test new functionalities.
  • An analyst will analyze the results and present report

Test your assumptions

Different labs offer various tools to conduct your A/B testing. Desjardins LabOmniconvertOptimizely, and tech3lab from HEC Montréal.

Create an AGILE system to ever improve UX and conversions

Create a living process that will feed more UX tests in order to always improve your product and reach the goals you fix in 1).

Alright! This is it for A/B testing & Checkout process. MTL+Ecommerce 60th edition is over. We hope that you will find these informations helpful and that you will implement A/B testing asap for your business to increase your conversion and revenues in 2019.

As always, the #60 edition of MTL+Ecommerce was a great moment to learn from specialists and to network with people sharing the same interest for e-commerce. Time for vacation now! The next event will take place in September. Here are some articles you may find helpful to improve checkout and increase your online sales:

How do you plan on optimizing your conversion starting this summer?

Do you already run A/B tests? Did you increase your conversions? Do you have some ab testing examples to share with the community?

Please let us know in the comments below:)

Stay tuned and don’t forget to follow MTL+ E-COMMERCE on social media! InstagramFacebook

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