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The #1 Community FOR eCommerce, Technology and Startup in Canada

About Us

MTL+Ecommerce is a non-profit organization dedicated to fostering digital education, encouraging innovation & facilitating business networking so industry leaders, retailers, marketers, entrepreneurs and innovators can thrive in their business journey.

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Who we are

MTL+ECOMMERCE  is the #1  community dedicated to eCommerce, Technology & Startup in Canada.

We bring together thousands of changemakers including eCommerce enthousiasts, digital marketers, industry leaders, retailers, developers, engineers  investors and students to  get inspired, acquire new digital skills, stay on top of eCommerce trends, discover digital marketing best practices, explore new technologies and to embrace digital transformation with confidence. 

MTL+Ecommerce TEAM

Mission & Vision

Our Mission

We empower digital professionals,  entrepreneurs, retailers, women, freelancers & changemakers with the latest digital strategies, technologies & tools to innovate, launch a startup, start a business, grow, acquire digital skills and create the future of Commerce. 

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Our Vision

We aim to inspire, educate, connect and prepare individuals and companies in Canada and around the globe for the digital age.


We strive for Excellence

We will continue to raise the bar for everyone. We are commited to deliver WOW experiences to our community and to bring our best work to the table.

We foster Innovation

We embrace and drive change in innovative ways. We prefer fast to slow and do more with less.

Ambition & Education

We are a purpose-driven community. We are passionate about bettering the world and achieving our ambition. That is why we encourage continous digital education and learning to pursue growth. We strive to create economic opportunities for our business community members.

We champion Diversity & Inclusion

We value and celebrate differences. That's why we encourage & create a company culture that further nourishes diversity, equity, and inclusion. We champion diversity of ideas and people

We cultivate startup Spirit

We strive to passionately innovate, create, found, build, collaborate and grow. We dare to try new things and take risks.

Creativity & Fun First!

We build a positive team and family spirit. We are passionate, adventurous, creative, and open-minded.




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