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Hootsuite acquires AI leader Heyday for $60M

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Hootsuite acquires heyday

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Quentin Hibon

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Hootsuite acquires AI leader Heyday for $60M

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Hootsuite today announced its acquisition of Heyday, a Montreal-based conversational AI platform that enables brands to deliver personalized customer experiences through 1:1 messaging conversations. Hootsuite, a pioneer in the social media management category will now allow brands to fully leverage conversational AI to create a better customer experience with this acquisition.

Hootsuite: An acquisition that makes sense

Earlier this year, Hootsuite acquired Sparkcentral. The acquisition of Heyday will augment the tools their customers can use to connect with customers through all stages of a buying journey.

The adoption and use of social media has increased dramatically since the start of the pandemic. Hootsuite’s Digital 2021 Report found that over 4.2 billion active social media users are spending on average two hours and twenty five minutes a day on social and messaging platforms.

“Social is the new interface of commerce and customer care. Modern day brands have to manage a multitude of daily interactions and conversations at scale—which is impossible to do without AI automation. With the acquisition of Heyday, Hootsuite will now give AI capabilities to marketing, sales and support teams globally so they can deliver exceptional experiences at scale.”

Digital M&A is the new trend in companies acquisition

Hootsuite acquires heyday

As retailers have been forced to up their online game, so too have M&A departments. Hootsuite closed the deal having never met any of the Heyday team.

Founded in 2017, Heyday offers a conversational AI platform for retailers. Whether a customer is sending a message from Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Google’s Business Messages or just via email, Heyday brings all that communication together in one dashboard. 

It then uses artificial intelligence to determine whether the message is a customer service or sales-related interaction, and it automates basic responses when possible.aimed to help sales and support teams improve the customer experience. Its customers include global brands like Decathlon, Danone, Rudsak, Lacoste and Jack & Jones.

“We created Heyday’s conversational platform to make buying from a brand as easy as messaging a friend. Together with Hootsuite, we will bridge the gap between physical and digital brand experiences by leveraging social and messaging channels as the anchor and golden thread of the customer journey. ”

About Heyday

Heyday is an AI-powered customer messaging platform that enables brands to deliver personalized customer experiences through 1:1 conversations on social and messaging apps. Heyday integrates seamlessly with branded websites and apps, e-commerce platforms, product feeds and order tracking management systems to meet customers with always-on virtual support and personalized recommendations that boost engagement and conversion. Heyday’s conversational platform is powering brands globally, across four continents in multiple languages, trusted by iconic brands like Lacoste, Decathlon, Cirque du Soleil, Danone, Rudsak, Jack & Jones (Bestseller), and many more.

Learn more about Heyday at


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