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WooCommerce’s Integration with Google Shopping is live

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WooCommerce’s Integration with Google Shopping is live

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Google is teaming up with WooCommerce, the wordpress e-commerce platform, to enable retailers to show their products for free across Google. This announcement should make retailers, dropshippers and freelancers happy. With over 1 billion shopping sessions happening per day across Google, this integration will help merchants make more connections with shoppers who are eager to discover new brands.

Google partners with WooCommerce

Expanding on the Shopify integration earlier, Google has launched new partnerships with eCommerce platforms, including Woocommerce. This partnership with the wordpress plugin Woocommerce will highly contribute to WordPress merchants and retailers. Indeed, these online retailers will benefit from an extra visibility on Google’s shopping platforms including Search, Shopping, Image Search and YouTube.

Woocommerce merchantscan display their products and inventory for free at Google Shopping.
Courtesy of Google

These new partnerships will enable more merchants to easily show their products on Google for free

"WooCommerce merchants can upload their products to Google, create free listings and ad campaigns, and review performance metrics — all without leaving their WooCommerce dashboard"

This integration with Google Shopping allows Woocommerce merchants to showcase their inventory and products easily and for free across Google shopping’s platforms. WooCommerce’s 4.4 million merchants would soon have the ability to easily integrate their product inventory across Google in just a few clicks, and for free.

Frictionless Commerce for a better User Experience (UX)

WooCommerce integration is part of Google‘s frictional Commerce Strategy to enable any customer to buy a product or service when and where they wish with as few clicks or other steps as possible.

This partnership with WooCommerce could help Google increase its mobile e-commerce market shares. Indeed, shoppers will be able to complete a purchase from the same place when they browse and research (Google Search) for a specific product.

On Google Shopping,  when customers research a product on Google, they will be shown all the purchasing options offered by the seller.

These buying options could be redirecting to the retailer’s website to complete the purchase or picking up a  nearby location to purchase the product.

For now, these buying options are tested in Google Search and Google Shopping. But Google mentioned that the company is planning to extend this possibility to Youtube and Image search.

SOURCE: Google Blog


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