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WeCommerce is going public

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Quentin Hibon

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WeCommerce is going public

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WeCommerce, a Canadian e-commerce technology holding company managed by Andrew Wilkinson’s Tiny Capital, is set to go public on the TSX Venture Exchange (TSXV). The qualifying transaction occured via a reverse takeover of Brachium Capital Corp.

Wecommerce wants to acquire businesses within the Shopify Partner ecosystem

WeCommerce already owns a portfolio of companies and brands within the Shopify partner ecosystem, including, Pixel Union, Out of the Sandbox, Yopify, SuppleApps, Rehash and Foursixty.

The company’s primary focus is to build, grow and acquire businesses that serve the Shopify Partner ecosystem. Indeed, WeCommerce is focused on acquiring businesses with a sustainable competitive advantage and/or have the potential to become a leader in their industry.

These businesses consist largely of Software as a Service, Digital Goods and Services businesses. Generally, these businesses build Apps and Themes and run Agencies that support Shopify merchants.

What will happen next for WeCommerce?

A new Management team for WeCommerce

MTL+Ecommerce: We commerce is going public

Upon completion of the transaction, the company’s incumbent board of directors will have to resign. Then, a new board will be formed and will consist of five directors including Wilkinson and Tiny co-founder Chris Sparling. Sparling is also the CEO of WeCommerce.

“Completing this Qualifying Transaction is a milestone achievement,”

Throwback June 2020: WeCommerce Acquired Foursixty

WeCommerce announced on June 11 2020  the acquisition of Foursixty Inc. the Leading Shoppable Instagram & UGC Content Platform.

Foursixty Inc. is also a leading partner in the Shopify and Instagram ecosystems based in Toronto, Canada. 


Foursixty has been a pioneer and leader in the social commerce space since 2014. Indeed, the content platform helps thousands of the world’s most popular direct-to-consumer brands such as Fashion Nova, Pura Vida Bracelets, Knix, MVMT Watches, Mejuri, and Skims monetize their Instagram content.

Foursixty joins Pixel Union, Rehash, Out of the Sandbox, Supple and Yopify in WeCommerce’s growing portfolio of Shopify-related businesses.

WeCommerce renew its trust in Shopify’s platform

WeCommerce declares it has an absolute confidence in the Shopify platform and believes it is well positioned to continue to identify acquisition opportunities in the Shopify Partner ecosystem. This statement is not surprising considering that Wecommerce is a long-time partner of the Ottawa-born e-commerce giant. 

“With the proceeds raised, we will continue to position ourselves as the acquirer of choice for software companies within Shopify’s partner ecosystem.”

About WeCommerce

WeCommerce operates a portfolio of companies focused on delivering products and services within the Shopify ecommerce ecosystem. Founded in 2019, the Canadian e-commerce technology have earned its reputation of being founder friendly with a straightforward approach to buying and operating portfolio companies.

For more info about WeCommerce, visit –

Final acceptance of the Qualifying Transaction will occur upon the issuance of the Final Exchange Bulletin by the Exchange. Then, WeCommerce is expected to start trading under the symbol “WE.V” at the opening of the markets on December 14, 2020.

Credit Photo: Courtesy of WeCommerce

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