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Google’s plan to get rid of Google cookies in browser isn’t going well

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Google’s plan to get rid of Google cookies in browser isn’t going well

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Google‘s plan is to restrict advertising software companies and other organizations from connecting their cookies in browser to websites they do not operate.

Apple made a similar move in 2017 in its Safari browser. However, this plan isn’t going so well. Companies are not ready for this move.  

In late June, Google has announced that it will delay blocking third-party cookies in Chrome by the end of 2023. However, you should be aware of this: Even if Google is done with cookies, that doesn’t mean it’s done tracking you. Indeed, Google gathers data on users in many other ways.

What are Google cookies?

Cookies are a tool within browsers that allow website operators to save data about users.  A cookie is a small piece of text sent to browsers when a user visit a website.


What is cookie tracking?

Cookie tracking helps you collect data on users who visit your pages and get predictions about which ads the individual would find relevant. In a nutshell, third party cookies are used by ad companies to track you as you go around the internet, building a profile of you and your interests based on the sites you visit and using that to send ads to you.

Today, cookies are still a strong tool for marketers because it offers detailed insights about the people you are trying to reach. Cookies in browser gives for digital marketers a data-driven opportunity to increase conversions.


Cookie based advertising won’t work anymore.

Ad companies that rely on cookies will have to find another way to target users.

What data can you pull from cookie tracking?

Necessary Cookies

Let’s be clear: some cookies can be necessary for a good user experience. These cookies cannot be deleted by users.

Some cookies are meant to enhance the user experience and provide customized experiences for users.

These cookies in browser are useful, but not necessary. That’s why they can be deleted by users.

Unnecessary Cookies

Unnecessary cookies help website owners gather data about their users, demographics, their interests, when they have visited their website and what features or articles have been accessed.

They can enhance user’s ad experience.

They are also called advertising cookies.

How does the ban of cookies in browser affect Google’s Revenues?

Financial analysts expect minimal effect on Google’s own ad business (Google Ads) because it gathers data on users in many other ways. Google will still track and target users on mobile devices, and it will still target ads to users based on their behavior on its own platforms, which make up the majority of its revenue.

What is the future of Cookie tracking?

First-party cookies will still function by default in browsers that block third-party cookies (also in Google Chrome). Indeed, they will continue to require consent from readers in most cases, unless the purpose of a cookie is ‘strictly necessary’ to the basic operation of a website.



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