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MTL+Ecommerce, the #1 Hub for Ecommerce, Startup & Tech, today announced the formation of its Strategic Advisory Board and the appointment of several top executives from across various industries, public organizations and governments.

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for immediate release

2 March 2021

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MTL+Ecommerce announces the formation of its Strategic Advisory Board

Update: March, 2 2021

For immediate release–

Montreal, QC– March 2,2021– MTL+Ecommerce, the #1 Hub for Ecommerce, Startup & Tech, today announced the formation of its Strategic Advisory Board and the appointment of several top executives from across various industries, public organizations and governments.This group of world-class leaders brings comprehensive expertise from various sectors including Retail, IT, Gaming, Entertainment, Communication, Digital Marketing, Ecommerce, Law, Finance, Startup & Technology. The Strategic Advisory Board will provide guidance to help support and shape continuing innovation at MTL+Ecommerce.


“We are honoured to welcome this fresh roster of world-class leaders to our board” said Sarah-Eden Dadoun, President & Managing Director at MTL+Ecommerce.

“These thought leaders bring not only tremendous understanding and experience but also, a proven track record of operational excellence and innovation within their industries. Their guidance will undoubtedly drive our vision, strategy and advance our ability to grow MTL+Ecommerce.”

MTL+Ecommerce Advisory Board (team)
MTL+Ecommerce Strategic Advisory Board

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic in March 2020,  MTL+Ecommerce has seen a surge in demand from its community. The pandemic has presented new challenges within the Canadian business community. As more consumers turn to Ecommerce, businesses of all kinds have experienced customer behavior shifts, surges in orders, disruptions in supply chains and closures at retail. 

“Many entrepreneurs have been completely overwhelmed by the challenges of recent months. Accordingly, digital education and networking has never been so crucial in order to adapt to these unprecedented times.” 

MTL+Ecommerce Strategic Advisory Board operates by bringing the brightest executives together to discuss ideas and provide a strategic vision to the organization and its members. Newly appointed Board members share their enthusiasm:

« I am excited to join the MTL + Ecommerce Strategic Advisory Board and work with the A-team this year! Tons of new resources and activities to come, stay tuned! » commented Jeremy Altman, Vice President Strategic Partnerships at Paysafe Group

Mirna Saffouri, Ecommerce Director at La Vie en Rose said :

« I am thrilled to contribute to MTL+Ecommerce Business Community and help shape Digital Innovation. »,

Steve Desjarlais, CEO of Heyday, was similarly excited to join this Executive Advisory Board:

“The retail tech ecosystem in Montreal and in Canada has never been stronger. Together, with this team of leaders, we will push the business community to the next Level »,

Mona-Lisa Prosper, LL.B, Project Director, Europe – Foreign Investments for Montreal International said:

« Very excited to be joining the MTL + Ecommerce Strategic Advisory Board alongside inspiring executives! »,


With the guidance of these leaders, MTL+Ecommerce will continue to develop resources and activities, deliver professional events and provide networking opportunities for its valuable community members.


Introducing 23 members of the MTL+Ecommerce Advisory Board (in alphabetical order):

Jeremy Altman, Vice President, Strategic Partnerships, Paysafe Group

Fadjiah Collin Mazile, Data Scientist, Shopify

Sarah-Eden Dadoun, President & Managing Director, MTL+Ecommerce

Virginie de Malavois, Managing Director, Labelium

Steve Desjarlais, CEO, Heyday

Paul Errandonea, Ecommerce Director, La Cordée

Camille Ferrandez, Marketing Director, L’Oréal

Rob French, Chief Digital Commerce Officer, Decathlon

Jason Gauthier, Commercial lawyer, KRB Lawyers

Louis Georgakakis, VP Marketing & Communications, Nuvei

Cam Gordon, Head of Communications, Twitter Canada

Dave Haber, Growth Consultant & Fractional CMO

Isabelle Harvey, Director of Operations, Sephora

Quentin Hibon, MBA, Director Business Development, Mitacs

Kina Konto, Business Development and Industrial Technology advisor, Ministère de l’Économie et de l’Innovation (MEI)

Eric Labelle, Director, Startups, Technology and Innovation Banking, Banque Nationale

Denis Lalonde, Editor in Chief, Les Affaires

Lisa Laventure, Director of Strategic Communications, Lightspeed

Mona-Lisa Prosper, LL.B, Project Director, Europe – Foreign Investments,  Montreal International

Geoffroy Robin, Chief Sales & Marketing Officer, Livescale

Mirna Saffouri, Director, Ecommerce Strategy, La Vie en Rose

Thomas Sychterz, CMO, Ulule

Ralph Van Coillie, Head of Ecommerce, Ubisoft Canada

MTL+Ecommerce Executive Advisory Board

Jeremy Altman, Vice President, Strategic Partnerships, Paysafe Group

Jeremy Altman joined Paysafe in March 2017. With 18+ years of experience in payments, IT and entertainment companies, Jeremy’s expertise includes strategy, corporate M&A, sales & marketing management and business development. Prior to joining Paysafe, Jeremy was Chief Transformation Officer at Oney Trust, leading the post-merger integration of two anti-fraud management companies. Before SlimPay, Jeremy was an Investment Officer and then Business Development Manager at Monext, an LBO company he helped to launch out of Experian electronic payment division in Western Europe, where he was working as an analyst to the President. Jeremy holds an MSc in Management from EMLYON Business School.


Fadjiah Collin Mazile, Data Scientist, Shopify

Fadjiah Collin is Data Scientist for Shopify. Fadjiah has an extensive experience in data science, technology implementation, governance and entrepreneurship.Fadjiah holds several certifications, including a certification in Bias and discrimination in artificial intelligence from MILA. She also holds a certification in Governance of NPO. Fadjiah sits on several Board of Directors and committees, including Centraide(non profit), Gallea(startup) and Genium360. Fadjiah holds a Diploma in Operations and Logistics Engineering at ÉTS. 

Sarah-Eden Dadoun, President & Managing Director, MTL+Ecommerce

Sarah-Eden Dadoun is President & Managing Director at MTL+Ecommerce. Former VP Marketing & Business Development with over 10 years of experience within the Food and Tech Industry, Sarah-Eden has an extensive expertise in digital marketing, Ecommerce, business development, team management, startup growth and private equity. She started her career in Israel at JVP, the #1 Israeli venture capital firm which propels startup companies in digital media, enterprise software, storage and cyber security. Sarah-Eden co-founded Keylime Digital, a digital marketing agency that helps Ecommerce companies build their brands and drive revenue through online channels. Deeply involved within the community, Sarah-Eden sits on several boards of directors and committees where she evaluates business models and emerging technologies. 

Virginie de Malavois Managing Director at Labellium

Virginie de Malavois, Managing Director, Labelium

Virginie is a results-driven professional with 18 years of international Ecommerce experience managing multicultural teams. After almost 10 years at Yahoo! and Ebay in Europe, Virginie has decided to move to Canada to build and develop smaller Ecommerce businesses. In 2017, Virginie joined Labelium – Global Digital Performance Agency. For the past three years, Virginie has been building and overseeing the E-retail business unit and is now the Managing Director of the Canadian team.

Steve desjarlais CEO at Heyday, MTL+Ecommerce Advisory Board

Steve Desjarlais, CEO, Heyday

Steve Desjarlais is the CEO and co-founder of Heyday AI, a conversational commerce platform that helps retailers like Decathlon, Lacoste, Simons, BonLook and Dynamite bring their in-store experience online through live virtual shopping and video consultations. With strategic partnerships with Shopify, Google and Facebook, Heyday AI is present in more than 70 countries across all continents, with over 60 employees based in Canada and Europe. With 20+ years developing high-profile games, Steve brings his wealth of knowledge to the retail sector, helping brands create interactive, frictionless omnichannel customer experiences.

Paul Errandonea, Ecommerce Director at La Cordee (MTL+Ecommerce advisory board)

Paul Errandonea, Ecommerce Director, La Cordée

Paul Errandonea is the E-commerce Director at La Cordée. He’s an expert at building brand value and creating seamless digital experience for brands. He brings a strong expertise in digital marketing & Ecommerce to companies who value the promotion of a modern lifestyle and smart consumption, and who contributes to create a more sustainable future. Paul is known to have successfully implemented international & regional teams of leaders as well as creating business development strategies for companies in retail. Prior to joining La Cordée, Paul was VP Ecommerce for Lolë.

Camille Ferrandez Marketing Director at L'Oréal Canada ( MTL+Ecommerce Advisory Board)

Camille Ferrandez, Marketing Director, L’Oréal Canada

Camille Ferrandez is a passionate marketer currently working at L’Oréal Canada as a Marketing Director. With over 10 years of experience in the cosmetic and consumer goods industry, Camille is an accomplished digital marketer and inspiring Team leader that loves to redefine the status quo. Skilled in Integrated Marketing, Advertising, Social engagement, Customer experience, concept writing, product development, campaign management and digital transformation, Camille loves what marketing brings and that’s constant change and evolution. Having worked in London, China, New York and Montreal, Camille loves adapting, sourcing energy and inspiration from all industries and all markets.

Rob French, Chief Digital Commerce Officer at Decathlon

Rob French, Chief Digital commerce Officer, Decathlon

Rob is Chief Digital commerce Officer at Decathlon Canada. He is an entrepreneurial and driven chief executive, with 16 years of industry-leading expertise working with numerous companies in domestic and international markets. Today, Rob leads the digital vision for a $12.8 billion sports retail company, Decathlon Canada, with the focus in 2021 to deliver a new scalable Ecommerce platform for both web & app. Facilitator and leader of world-class Ecommerce technology product management and performance marketing, Rob brings his expertise in both start-up and scaled growth stages. 

Jason Gauthier, Commercial lawyer, KRB  Lawyers

Jason is a corporate and commercial lawyer with previous experience at a top-tier global firm and at a top-tier Brazilian firm. His practice focuses on private equity, mergers and acquisitions, venture capital financings and commercial transactions.

Louis Georgakakis VP Marketing & Communications at Nuvei

Louis Georgakakis, VP Marketing & Communications, Nuvei

Louis Georgakakis is a marketing professional with over 20 years of success in providing digital and legacy marketing solutions across industries. With a focus on fintech, currently serves as VP, Marketing & Communications for Montreal-headquartered international payments provider Nuvei and has been with the company since 2008. 

Cam Gordon, Head of Communications Twitter

Cam Gordon, Head of Communications, Twitter Canada

Cam Gordon is Head of Communications for Twitter Canada and part of Twitter’s global communications team. Prior to Twitter, Cam spent 10+ years in the agency world, working with clients such as LG Electronics, Disney, 3M and American Express plus top Canadian brands such as TELUS and Spin Master. Cam is also on the program advisory committee for the Corporate Communications program at Centennial College and has taught digital media at Seneca College in Toronto. In addition, in 2020. Cam founded the Communicators Collective, a networking organization dedicated to promoting diversity, equity and inclusion in the Canadian communications field. 

Dave Haber CMO, MTL+Ecommerce Advisory Board

Dave Haber, Growth Consultant & Fractional CMO

Dave has been helping brands drive efficient growth for over twenty years, and has worked with Fortune 1000 companies including Amazon, TELUS, Microsoft, Scotiabank and L’Oréal. Most recently, Dave was the founding CMO for Moka, where he helped the fintech startup become Canada’s most popular saving and investing app. Prior to that, Dave was VP Growth & Marketing at flex workspace app Breather, leading international expansion to ten cities in three countries. Today, Dave works with brands and startups to unlock efficient scale by combining a methodical, data-driven approach to digital marketing and creative communications.

Isabelle Harvey Director of Operations at Sephora

Isabelle Harvey, Director of Operations, Sephora

Isabelle Harvey has over 15 years of leadership experience with major well-known brands such as Gap, Apple and Sephora. During her time at nursing school, she discovered her passion for people which would later translate as the best asset in building her client service skills. She has an in-depth knowledge of the retail industry and her ability to quickly learn new processes, agility and willingness to grab new opportunities have led her into the many different roles that have built her resume. She embraces change and pushes boundaries. She is known as extremely dynamic, able to drive results, develop operation strategies and help people succeed.

Quentin Hibon, Director of Business Development at MITACS

Quentin Hibon, Director of Business Development, Mitacs

Quentin Hibon is the Business Development Director for Mitacs, specialized in business digital transformation and 5G adoption projects. He leads multiple teams to facilitate collaboration between SMB’s and accelerate 5G implementation amongst businesses in Quebec. Quentin is also VP at MTL+Ecommerce, the #1 Hub for Ecommerce, startup & tech. He brings a solid expertise in strategic partnerships, entrepreneurship, innovation and emerging technologies. He is strongly involved in the business community, and he’s known as a passionate entrepreneur and a business mentor.

Kina Konto Innovation Ministry Quebec

Kina Konto, Business Development and Industrial Technology advisor, Ministère de l’Économie et de l’Innovation (MEI)

Kina Konto is the Business Development and Industrial Technology Advisor at the Ministère de l’Économie et de l’Innovation (MEI). MEI’s mission is to support Quebec’s economic development, drive innovation and export trade by encouraging cooperation between various stakeholders. With over 20 years of experience as a government professional and advisor, Kina has an in-depth knowledge of business development, industrial development issues and strongly understands the business community economic challenges. She supports collective entrepreneurship and encourages entrepreneurs in their business creation and growth.

Eric Labelle, Director, Startups, Technology and Innovation Banking, National Bank

Eric Labelle is Director of Startups, Technology and Innovation Banking at National Bank. His fields of expertise include, but are not limited to: creation of international subsidiaries, Mergers and Acquisition (M&A), post-acquisition integration, startup growth and entrepreneurship. Eric is actively involved within the startup ecosystem in Quebec and collaborates with various incubators and major innovation players to foster entrepreneurship. Eric has an in-depth knowledge of the issues and challenges faced by entrepreneurs. He supports high-potential and early-stage companies in their startup journey and provides entrepreneurs with the relevant tools to achieve their goals. 

Denis Lalonde-editor-in-chief-Les-Affaires

Denis Lalonde, Editor in Chief, Les Affaires

Denis Lalonde is Editor-in-chief at Les Affaires. he is a thought leader in Journalism. An accomplished expert with over 20 years of experience in Media, Denis has a clear understanding of upcoming technologies and economic trends. Denis has also worked for renowned media such as Journal de Montréal, the Canoe Internet portal and the Information Network (RDI). Denis has returned to Les Affaires newspaper in March 2013 after being editor-in-chief of the specialized Division “ Direction informatique” for more than three years. In 2011, Denis won the Canadian Alliance of Advanced Technologies Innovation Award (CATA Alliance) for excellence in Scientific Journalism and Technical  Medias of Quebec. Since 2013, Denis has been a member of the Information Technology Curriculum Review Committee at the School of Continuing Studies at McGill University.

Lisa Laventure, Director of Strategic Communications at Lightspeed

Lisa Laventure, Director of Strategic Communications, Lightspeed

Lisa Laventure is the Director of Strategic Communications for Lightspeed, a leading provider of cloud-based, omnichannel commerce platforms for high-performing businesses. Lisa has a decade of experience working in the media and political spheres. As an award-winning journalist and television producer for the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, she reported from North America, Latin America and East Africa prior to joining the CBC’s Parliamentary Hill bureau in Ottawa. She served in the Prime Minister’s Office, leading domestic and international press tours for Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, before joining Lightspeed in 2019. 

Mona Lisa Prosper, Project Director Foreign Investments, Montreal International

Mona-Lisa Prosper, LL.B, Project Director, Europe – Foreign Investments, Montreal International

Mona-Lisa is Project Director, Europe – Foreign Investments at Montreal International. Mona Lisa is a lawyer LL.B. Passionate about fashion, retail and the technologies related to these industries, she oversees this sector at Montreal International. Deeply involved in the Business community, Mona-Lisa is president at the Young Chamber of Commerce of Quebec Women (JCCFQ). She sits on the board of Horizon Carrière (non for profit). Mona-Lisa militates to promote the importance of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in the corporate environment. 

Geoffroy Robin, Chief of Sales & Marketing, Livescale

Geoffroy Robin, Chief Sales & Marketing Officer , Livescale

Geoffroy Robin is Chief Sales & Marketing Officer at Livescale, a disruptive Live Shopping solution for Businesses. He is an entrepreneur at heart and an innovation enthusiast.  Passionate about emerging technologies, Geoffroy has played a major role in the media and digital ecosystem for over 15 years. He has actively contributed to the launch and management of several successful companies in Europe and North America and aims to empower brands in their Ecommerce journey and marketing strategy optimization. He’s an ambassador for Livescale’s pioneering Live Shopping solution.

Mirna Saffouri Ecommerce Director La Vie en Rose

Mirna Saffouri,Director, Ecommerce Strategy La Vie en Rose

PMP certified marketing professional with 15+ years experience in digital growth, branding & content, Ecommerce and team management, Mirna has taken part in several web platform implementations throughout her career and contributed more recently to la Vie en Rose’s digital transformation to fully integrate their systems. As a passionate and collaborative leader, Mirna takes pride in enabling her teams to reach their goals.

Thomas Sychterz CMO Ulule

Thomas Sychterz, CMO, Ulule

Thomas is Chief Marketing Officer at Ulule, the largest impact crowdfunding platform in the world . An entrepreneur at heart, he has raised +1M dollars in funding over the past 10 years. He has also bootstrapped a multi-million dollar revenue run-rate startup. Thomas is well known in the startup community for mentoring hundreds of entrepreneurs to achieve successful crowdfunding campaigns and bring mission-driven initiatives to light. Thomas is also actively involved in international development initiatives, including launching hubs and managing international offices including LA, SF,Montreal, Paris, Rome, Barcelona, Antwerp and New York. Thomas has an extensive experience and expertise in handling fast-paced situations and crisis management.

Ralph Van Coillie Head of Ecommerce Ubisoft

Ralph Van Coillie, Head of Ecommerce, Ubisoft, Canada

Ralph Van Coillie is Head of Ecommerce for Ubisoft, Canada. He oversees and delivers digital commercialization strategies to support the international growth of the Ecommerce of video games and merchandise across North, Central and South Americas. Ralph has held several leadership positions at Copernic Technologies, Mega Bloks, Transcontinental,, and Desjardins. Experienced Business digital strategist with a focus on Ecommerce, Ralph has in-depth knowledge in sales, marketing, Ecommerce & technology. Ralph has a clear understanding in interpreting data to leverage significant competitive advantages. He is an expert in building  a culture of customer-centric performance. Ralph  is also an advisor and a board member on several organizations and has won 2 entrepreneurship awards.

About MTL+Ecommerce

MTL+Ecommerce is a non-profit organization dedicated to driving the startup culture, fostering innovation & digital education, and facilitating business networking. It is a dynamic business community where the brightest entrepreneurs, executives, marketers, retailers, students and academics come together to get inspired, learn, collaborate and network. Through events, conferences, webinars, mentorship and business networking sessions, MTL+Ecommerce aims to create a more digital inclusive world. MTL+Ecommerce was founded in 2012 in Montreal for e-commerce & digital marketing professionals, tech enthusiasts and entrepreneurs. The organization counts 19,000 active members and strongly contributes to Montreal economic and business growth.


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