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Clinique Juridique pour startups
Information juridique pour startups, entrepreneurs & OBNL

Are you a startup in Montreal? MTL+Ecommerce, the #1 community for Ecommerce, Startup &  Tech is teaming up with Compass Legal Clinic to provide startups, non-profit organizations & entrepreneurs with free legal information and resources.

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Compass Legal Clinic

Aide Juridique

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Compass clinique juridique: Information juridique pour Startups & Entrepreneurs à Montreal

Compass Legal Clinic is a student-run pro bono legal clinic striving to empower entrepreneurs with the knowledge they need to excel at all levels. We provide free legal information for entrepreneurs and startups in Québec no matter what stage they are in or how complex their legal information needs are.

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Information juridique pour Startups & Entrepreneurs

Une question en droit?

  • Legal information / legal resources pertaining to various areas of the law related to startups and entrepreneurs.
  • Monthly legal workshops pertaining to areas of law applicable to startup communities.
  • Specialized workshops for clients.
  • We are open to providing creative, innovative and specialized services for our clients.
  • If we are unable to provide certain specific information, we do our best to provide a referral based on the clients’ needs.
  • Legal information vs legal advice: Please note that we cannot provide legal advice with respect to any legal matter as the legal information is  provided by law students, not lawyers.
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Information juridique fournie par la Clinique Compass:

Consumer Protection







Non-Profit Organization



Shareholder Agreements


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For more information, please visit Compass Legal Clinic’s website.

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