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MTL+Ecommerce is thrilled to announce a community partnership with the CQIC. The CQIC is a hub intended to promote and optimize innovation projects, by improving the synergy between players in the retail and technology ecosystem.

CQIC partner mtl+ecommerce

About CQIC

The CQIC is the Quebec center for business innovation. It is a hubwhich focus in promoting and optimizing innovation projects. The CQIC's mission is to improve the synergy between players in the retail and technology ecosystem, in order to increase the vitality of local commerce. The CQIC is a project of the city of Laval, as well as of Numana, and receives financial assistance from the Quebec Ministry of Economy and Innovation as a digital center of excellence.

The Circle API: Let's Buy Local

From November 23 to January 30 2020, traders are invited to visit the let’s buy local space (The Circle api). This space is an ephemeral space dedicated to digital transformation and is held at Laval,  590 Promenade du Centropolis.

The visit takes 30 minutes: local retailers will be guided by api advisors to identify their needs and the appropriate solutions to propel their business.

"It is crucial to facilitate merchants' access to a wide range technologies that can boost their resilience and help them face new challenges. We believe that the api circle will enable them to navigate the holiday season with confidence. "

Carl Boutet, Director General of the Quebec Center for Business Innovation.

The experience of LiveShopping

Live shopping involves live interactive advertising broadcast on a web platform.

Live video allows consumers to interact with each other as well as with a representative of the company who is using the technology.

In Asia, liveshopping is common and is not only exclusive to luxury brands. Indeed, one can find farmers using this widespread technology.

Which Solutions will be featured?


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