Every marketer knows that content is king. And nowadays, influencers are those who could boost up your ROI like no one else thanks to the content they create and share with their community.

But what really is an influencer and what is the role of influencers In Marketing Strategy?

For this 47th edition of MTL + ECOMMERCE we were thrilled to receive two exceptional speakers: Thierry Lindor, Founder of Influence Orbis and Steve Daniel, Influencer & Founder of MTL PROMOS.

Both conferences allowed us to have a new and fair definition of what is an influencer today and why influencer marketing strategy became so efficient.


What did we learn about influencers in marketing strategy?


First, an influencer is not someone who is “just” famous and good looking anymore. Well, these assets are quite valuable but, nowadays, the real definition of an influencer is more like somebody who brings value to her/his community.

In a marketing context, an influencer is an individual who can influence consumer behavior and brand choices. They are highly influential thanks to their status, credibility, position and media exposure.

Powerful, isn’t it?

This power or should we say, this influence on consumers choices, justifies the fact that brands and organizations seek to reach or collaborate directly with influencers in specific marketing actions.

And to ensure a strong and profitable partnership with an influencer, it is important for brands to keep in mind this following rule:

Don’t ask yourself how to bring value to the influence but how the influencer can bring value to your brand.

This requires applying 3 terms define by Thierry Lindor and Steve Daniel: attention, value, and trust.

If you attract the attention of consumers, you can offer them value by presenting a solution (product/service) to their need. Then, you can start to build trust between customers and your brand.


How to figure out a deal that benefits both your brand & the influencer interest?


First, find an influencer that matches your brand and that would definitely buy your products because she/he believes in it.

Secondly, find the influencer intrinsic motivation besides money or exposure. Remember, the influencer must add value to your product so she/he has to believe in it to maintain her/ his legitimacy and loyalty to her/his community.

Finally, give influencers a framework for your message which is going to enlightens the key, objectives, and deliverables.

And last, but not least, the most important tip was given by both speakers during that 47th edition. When we work with influencers, we don’t only do a transaction, but we build a relationship.

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