Black Friday is probably the biggest opportunity of the year for all selling products companies, especially online companies. In 2016, Black Friday generated nearly 3.34 billion business profits online. In other words, it’s an opportunity not to be missed.


In the past few years now, an important element has come into play: the online presence. A company that does not have an online platform, even a showcase website, does not exist in the eyes of the consumer.


In 2016, worldwide e-commerce (BtoC) turnover reaches $ 1,915 billion and will exceed $ 3 trillion by 2018!


For companies that already have embraced the digital challenge, here are five points to take in consideration while testing your website for Black Friday :


  • The definition of the test strategy


What is your testing plan? What elements should you test? For example a loading time test, a stress test, the shopping cart and checkout efficiency, etc.


  • The user path


Is it easy for the user to buy on your website? Make sure that your online business is consumer-friendly, from the boutique page to the final purchase.


  • The connectivity


Will your website or app tolerate switch from Wi-Fi to 3G? In case of weak signal, how does the application react?


  • The mobile browsing quality


More and more people are using their mobile phone to do their research and buy products ($1.2 billion amount of purchases in 2016). This is the main reason your e-commerce have to undergo a rigorous testing process.


  • An efficient Back-end services for Black Friday


Make sure that your back-end service is on point and available in case of need (reservation system, payment service, CRM, trigger marketing, etc.).

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