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Diversity and Inclusion

We believe in the values of diversity, equity and inclusion

We believe in the values of diversity and inclusion. MTL+Ecommerce is a family, with people from every background, gender, creed and religion. We stand against systemic racism and we won’t tolerate any violence targeting any group of people or minorities in our community.

We are willing to create a better and more inclusive world and change the way we do business. That’s why our team has come together with an action plan to make this happen.

We will amplify diverse speaker voices

We will foster a company culture where every voice is welcome, heard, and respected.

We will help build a more diverse and inclusive workplace.

We will team up with causes or non-profits that champion diversity, equity and inclusion

About MTL+Ecommerce

MTL+Ecommerce is a non-profit organization dedicated to driving the startup culture, fostering innovation & digital education, and facilitating business networking. It is a dynamic business community where the brightest entrepreneurs, executives, marketers, retailers, students and academics come together to get inspired, learn, collaborate and network. Through events, conferences, webinars, mentorship and business networking sessions, MTL+Ecommerce aims to create a more digital inclusive world. MTL+Ecommerce was founded in 2012 in Montreal for e-commerce & digital marketing professionals, tech enthusiasts and entrepreneurs. The organization counts +19,000 active members and strongly contributes to Montreal economic and business growth.

We acknowledge that this is a journey that cannot be achieved overnight. However, we will put all our efforts to make it happen. With this in mind, we will measure, review and track our progress annually to drive change and have more impact within the canadian business community.